Nature Based Group Art Therapy is a wonderful way for people to come together to make art. It can reduce anxiety and promote positive peer relationships. People who have benefitted from Art Therapy groups include adults, children, and families. Team building for the workplace, and clients who have experienced stress, loss, trauma, anxiety, depression and anyone who would like to participate  in the life affirming process of engaging in art do benefit from Art Therapy.

Tween/Teen Art Therapy

Nature Based Art Therapy group for tween and teens to connect with each other on topics such as: conflict resolution, anxiety, depression, communication, friendships and relationships, healthy habits, learn healthy coping skills, and build better social connections.

This strengths-based Eco-Art Therapy group is all about creating a safe and supportive environment where participants can explore who they are as individuals. Through a combination of group discussion and art activities this group will engage the participants in processes that foster the development of healthy self-esteem, while also promoting feelings of autonomy, self-efficacy, and healthy socialization skills.

Meredith is passionate about educating and supporting parents of LGBTQ+children in her practice.

Women in Recovery Art Therapy

This is an ongoing Eco-Art Therapy group. The cost is $75 PP. Space available for 6 participants
A weekly 90 minute Eco-Art Therapy Group Session for Women.  This Women & Recovery Eco-Art Therapy group focuses on women in recovery from addiction. The benefits of Nature Based Art Therapy for addiction recovery include: Explore recovery through images, understand feelings, reconcile emotional conflict, build self-awareness, manage addiction and other negative behaviors, develop social skills, improve reality orientation, reduce anxiety, increase self-esteem, and to prevent recurrence of use. We will also engage in mindful movement that supports recovery.

The goal of this group is to take the internal experience and make it external through the creative process. Where words fail, art speaks! Not an artist? That is okay! Nature Based Art therapy places emphasis on the process, not the product.

Now offering in-person as well as remote options

All Sessions are located outdoors in Alameda, CA

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